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22/05, 2024

Moissanite vs diamant

What is a moissanite stone?

Moissanite is an alternative to diamond that is durable and fits perfectly in engagement rings. Moissanites...

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17/04, 2024

Our rose gold is not rose gold!

Swedish Rose Gold

Our three colors of gold are yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. To clarify, our rose gold is not what typically is...

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10/04, 2024

Product Testers Wanted!

 MNOP needs your help!

We continuously test our jewelry in "real life" and the best way is always to hear how you experience our different...

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3/04, 2024

The last pair you ever need to buy?

SLEPP-IN Earrings from MNOP are so comfortable that you can wear the same earrings around the clock for several months. Yes, even several years!


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27/03, 2024

What is a Push present?

Are you familiar with the concept of a "push present"? It's a wonderful new tradition where a gift is given to a newly-delivered woman in connection...

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2/11, 2023

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Hack

During the holiday season, finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a real challenge. But I've got a secret trick that never fails: Think about...

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24/08, 2023

How to get a stuck ring off you finger

A stuck ring can turn a stylish moment into a frustrating experience. Whether due to weather changes, weight fluctuations, or finger swelling, removing...

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26/07, 2023

Gold Colors – Explained

At MNOP Jewelry, we offer an exquisite selection of jewelry in three distinct gold colors: Yellow, White, and Rose....

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10/07, 2023

What is 18K Gold plating?

A question came to us at MNOP Jewelry: Do you do 18-karat gold platings? The short answer to that question is: No, we don't. A longer answer has to...

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27/06, 2023

Can I shower with my jewelry on?

Being able to wear your favorite jewelry around the clock without taking it off is nothing more than practical. Many prefer to wear their...

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14/06, 2023

Come see our goldsmith workshop!

Our workshop is located in a cute little red cottage on our family farm in the Swedish countryside. It is just 20 meters from the...

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19/04, 2023

Don't but stud earrings!

 They are so uncomfortable and poke when you try to sleep. So much better with our comfort earrings. They have a flat back and are so comfortable!


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7/02, 2023

Can you sleep in earrings?

Yes, you can sleep in earrings!

If you love wearing earrings, you may have wondered if it’s okay to sleep in them. The answer is yes, you...

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4/01, 2023

What is a lab-grown diamond?

The lab-grown diamonds, also known as man-made or synthetic diamonds, are created in a laboratory setting using advanced technological...

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19/07, 2022

What is gold plating?

Gold plating is the process of putting a super thin layer of gold onto a different metal. At MNOP Jewelry we do not gold plate any jewelry. The reason...

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17/05, 2022

Welcome to our workshop!

Are you curious about what it looks like in our workshop? Come inside for a short tour!

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3/05, 2022

What shall we name our new earrings?

It´s giveaway time! What do you think our new earrings should be called? Give us one or more name suggestions - and you can win precisely these...

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26/04, 2022

Comfortable earrings to sleep in

We asked our customers for help with reviewing our earrings! More specific: How does it work to sleep in them? (Good? Bad? Do they glide? Do they poke?...

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