Last update. 15 mars 2022

Our Values

We are only at the start of our journey to make MNOP as sustainable as possible. Our focus is on recycling and a circular economy. No resource should go to waste and not be handled with care. We strive to use as much repurposed or recycled material as possible, design products that will be used and last a long time, and then be easily recycled again. This pursuit reaches way beyond our jewelry. We also consider packaging, furniture, office electronics, and everything coming in and out of this company. 

Real silver and gold are great materials because they can be recycled for an unlimited amount of time. 

Sustainable Production

All our jewelry is made from 100% recycled silver or gold. (Except chins and clasp, because we have jet to find a supplier who can guarantee 100% recycled chain.) We only carry recycled gemstones and diamonds, or lab-grown diamonds. 

It is of utmost importance that all jewelry is manufactured in an ethical way with good wages and working conditions. Therefore we currently have all our production here in Sweden with one of the world's best labor rights laws. This also enables very short transportation distances and we can make most of our jewelry to order. In turn, overproduction is reduced, which is a huge problem in the fashion industry. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our jewelry boxes are 100% recycled (except the ring box which is 70% recycled). Even the ribbon is 100% recycled pet plastic. Each order is sent with a small piece of organic chocolate and a 100% recycled business card. All this is protected by an outer packing of paper. We strive to reduce plastic in our packaging as much as possible. We are looking into reusable shipping boxes to reduce the environmental footprint even more, but at the moment we have not found any suitable solution. We do reuse every box that is sent back to us when the customer wants to return their order.

Other things to reduce our environmental impact

  • We have solar energy from the solar panels on the farm where MNOP is located. 
  • We only buy second-hand binders and climate compensated paper for the printer. 
  • All electronics like phones and laptops are second-hand. Some of them are even rescued from the waste bin.
  • We strive to use as much second-hand furniture as possible. At the moment about 90% of our furniture is second hand. 
  • We recycle all paper, plastic, and metal.
  • We help customers to recycled their old silver jewelry. Just send us your silver and we will make sure it will be recycled. The money we get when we sell the scrap silver donated to us will be donated to charity. 
  • We try to use cars as little as possible. But due to the company being located out in the countryside it is sometimes necessary. Whenever possible we use the owner Magdalena's private electric car for these trips. 
  • We only buy organic coffee and tea. 

Obstacles and Opportunities

MNOP rents a cottage on Magdalenas family's farm, 20 km from the closet town. So employees must commute to get her. How do we reduce the impact of the employee's commute?

Why do we only use the shipping box once and then recycle it? There must be better options. Maybe incentive our customers to always send the cardboard box back or order boxes that are designed for multi-trip? But this would be an added expense. Are some customers willing to pay for that?

What do we do with the jewelry customers do not long use? Or if you only want to use the jewelry for a short period and then switch it up. Should we offer some kind of second-hand section in the online store? Or a rental service?

How can we continue to improve to be the world's most sustainable jewelry company?!