Micro Hearts - Comfort Earrings in Recycled Silver

  • 389 SEK

Comfortable earrings with small little hearts. Handmade in 100% recycled Sterling Silver.

Sorry, this item is out of stock. 😔

Will be back in a new updated design in the end of February

Earrings with tiny little hearts. Comfortable earrings in our comfort model with a hook on the back. You spin the earrings and once they are in place, they are so comfortable that you can sleep with them!

  • Heart 2.5 mm in diameter
  • Handmade from 100% recycled sterling silver.
  • Free world wide shipping.

Small perfect everyday earrings. Also fits perfectly in the second piercing of the ear.

Do you want the extra security of a plastic backstop? Get your free pair here

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