Gift Card - Digital Download

  • 300 SEK

Gift card, choose a value from 300 SEK. Buy the gift card in SEK and then check out in SEK with the gift card, in order for it to work.

Ships within 1-3 bussinesdays.

Gift card, choose a value from 300 SEK. Save the image sent by email, print it on your home printer, and give away an appreciated gift!

We will send the gift card to you within 3 business days. However, the gift card code will be sent directly in your order confirmation.

In order for the gift card to work. You need to buy it in the Swedish currency SEK. And when you use the gift card you also need to check out in the currency SEK. 1€ is about the equivalent of 10 SEK.

The gift card is valid for one year at and cannot be exchanged for cash.