The Product Tester has spoken!

Very nice yet simple. Good size, fits well, and suits both everyday wear and dressing up. Excellent for working out. I wear mine around the clock without any problems.
Kristina Olsson

Timeless, simple, and very lightweight jewelry that goes with everything. A bit tricky to put on, but once they're in, you can't feel them at all.
Amanda Alm

I like the design and feel of them. They are light and comfortable to wear. They fit very well, and you can hardly feel them. Nothing sticks behind the ear or chafes. Nice for everyday wear and dressing up!
Paula Hermansson

Are these the last pair of earrings you'll ever going to buy?



Which gold color should I choose? 

The usual gold color in Sweden is red gold. So if you are unsure between red gold and yellow gold, you should go for red gold. 

Do comfort earrings fit securely? 

Yes, it fits well. So good that some have to advertise the jewelry because they can't get it at all! But to reduce the risk of losing them even more, we ship with plastic back plugs. You can choose to use these if you want. So far, I haven't heard of anyone losing their earrings with the plastic plugs on. 

Is there a right of return? 

Yes, there is a 30-day return policy on our jewelry. It is fine to try on the jewelry and sleep in it for a night. 

What if they get lost in the mail!! 

We send all precious jewelery by registered mail. So far, registered letters have been lost in the post.