Ear climbers

Ear climbers, or ear crawlers, are earrings that climb up the ear and follow its shape. Handcrafted in a simple yet unique design, MNOP Jewelry's ear climbers are a guaranteed eye-catcher. The comfortable shape of the earring also makes them great for sleeping in. Our ear climbers are available in both recycled sterling silver and 18K gold, and in various sizes.

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Ear climbers, also known as ear crawlers or ear sweeps, are a type of earring that is designed to climb up the earlobe and create a dramatic, statement-making look. Our ear climbers are made from 100% recycled Sterling Silver or 18K gold and have a hook-like shape that allows them to be worn in place of traditional stud earrings. Ear climbers are versatile accessories that can be dressed up or down, and they are perfect for those who want to make a fashion statement with their earrings. No matter what your style preference is, there's sure to be an ear climber that will suit your taste.